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Learning how to Sew.

My daughter got a sewing machine. She was really eager to start her own workshop. This is her first piece. 

I know already how to sew.

I know how to sew!

I am a proud mum (once again)!

It is ready and already in use.

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Tea for Me.

It is so nice to have a garden, however small. Today I picked some herbs. Some of them I ate, some I put to dry and some wild mint that tries to occupy my whole garden I used to made a cup of mint tea.

herbscup of minttea

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Kitchen tip for busy parents.

My kitchen tip for busy lazy parents is this: when making dough for pizza make it double and put the half you don’t need for dinner to refrigerator, for the night. In the morning put it to oven to bake and ta-daa: you have fresh baked bread for the-day-after’s breakfast.

KitchentipAnd before I had I change to photograph the ready pizza, it was all eaten. Well that’s the best compliment from the food I guess.

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I love Legos(who doesn’t?).

I have been building quite a lot myself lately(more about that some other time) but also looking pictures of amazing Lego buildings. This started already before seeing the Lego Movie, which I enjoyed a lot. I guess I have always been quite a Lego fan, I just forgot it for a few years.

I was astonished when I saw these pictures of Rivendell made by Alice Finch and David Frank(click the photo to see there more) :rivendell


It also raised questions about is bigger always better, and how many Legos are enough? My son told me that when I will be too intelligent old man(when I have studied enough?) I can become a Lego builder.

I was happy when I found some not so gigantic buildings that impressed me just as much. Like these birds from Thomas Poulsom:linnut

Or this “The Doll”  by Ramón and Amador Alfaro Marcilla:doll

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Tricky problem: what to do with too soft bananas?

Sometimes I find these ugly looking too old bananas hidden in the fruit bowl in the kitchen.kuoretThen I know it is the time for some baking. Actually I am pretty sure that the kids leave the bananas on purpose ’cause they know that then they get these delicious muffins.

Here is my recipe (every time a little different though):

200g margarine

1/2dl sugar

2 really soft bananas

4 table spoon of water

2dl wheat flour

1dl oatmeal

2 tea spoons of baking powder

some ginger, cinnamon and clove

Mix margarine and sugar together, add banana and water. Mix all the dry ingredients first together and then to the dough. Divide the dough to 8 muffin cups. bake 15min in 200c.

If you choose non dairy margarine they are all vegan.herkut kuppikakku